Car4sure Club

With Car4Sure club membership, live like a Boss even during emergency. The Car4Sure club membership is designed to make your life completely hassle-free and peaceful in times of car breakdown and accident. Get upto 21 days of free rent a car within 1 hour and more than 10,000 AED worth of exclusive free benefits as a Car4Sure Club Member.

Why Should I have it?, How does it work

Insurance does compensate you for the damage, it does not make up for your immediate need of another car. With Car4Sure you will never look like a helpless car owner in times of breakdown or accident. Get Free Car replacement within 1 hour delivered on the spot.

Become a Car4Sure club member

Enroll today and become a Car4Sure Exclusive Club Member. Call at +971-5457-89-891 to enroll as a member or fill the enrollment form online.

In emergency don’t panic, call Car4Sure

In case of an unfortunate situation such as emergency or accident, call our 24/7 helpline number and help will be there for you within 1 hour time.  

Get a free Car delivered to your location

As soon as we get your distress call, we will have a free car delivered to you on the spot, anytime, anywhere. Call 999 and report your accident. 

Relief yourself, we will take care of your damaged car

Continue your destination in our car while we take care of your damaged car.  According to your direction we will either have it delivered to your choice of garages or in one of our world-class garages.

Drive our car for 14 days while we repair your car

While your car is being repaired, use our free car for 14 days absolutely free. Meanwhile we will follow up with the garage so that it is ensured that your car is being repaired well. 

Further, get 10,000 AED worth of free benefits

As a Car4Sure Club member get more than 10,000 AED worth of free benefits such as free rent a car, free repair and maintenance services, free adventures tickets, and hundreds of many other services.

About Us

Car4Sure club is an initiative of City Adventures Rent A Car and its group of companies to provide complete FREE assistance to its members in the time of accident, emergency and breakdown. All members are entitled to get 24/7 roadside assistance and a car of his choice absolutely free for a period of 14 days. Apart from this a member get more than 10,000 AED worth of FREE benefits. Be a member and get our much needed service and peace of mind when you need it most.

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